Castle Park View, Bristol

This is a key site in the regeneration of the heart of Bristol as it backs on to Castle Park, an important green space in the old city, and lies en route between Old Market and St Nicholas.

In partnership with architects Chapman Taylor, Novell Tullett has developed concept proposals for the winning bid by developer Bouygues to the HCA and Bristol City Council for the 1950s ambulance station to make way for new residential flats overlooking the park and floating harbour.

Rather than seeing this as an isolated site, we view this as an opportunity to improve city centre connections and to create stronger entrances into a neglected and weak edge of the park. In the creation of a new shared space street along the park boundary, the development will play a pivotal role in regenerating and reconnecting Old Market through the park to the city core.

A new public path through the buildings along the line of the former castle moat which still flows below ground will link to the Bristol/Bath cycle route whilst the scheme’s facade onto Castle Park will be enlivened with shops and cafes at ground level, changing the character of this current dead zone.

Existing plane trees between the park and the new building will be retained, while a pair of podium roof gardens will provide more outdoor space for residents and help with urban cooling in summer.