Didcot Garden Town, Oxfordshire

The town of Didcot has been granted Garden Town Status and is due to expand by an additional 15,000 homes.

This is an important opportunity to improve the quality of life of local residents, establish strong connections with the Science campuses on the town’s periphery and redesign the core of the existing town, in effect to reimagine a place that has previously been defined by its industrial past.

Didcot has been a major stop on the Great Western Railway since 1839 and home to two power stations since the 1960s. With Didcot A decomissioned, and Didcot B with a finite lease of life, the town’s stark but memorable skyline will change irrevocably.

Novell Tullett is part of the Master Thinker team for Didcot Garden Town feasibility stage, assessing current strengths and weaknesses and setting out a vision for a new town identity as well as showing how it can assimilate a large new population to the benefit of all.

Issues for the landscape team include creating ways to make the new green infrastructure multi-functional, with integrated drainage, play facilities, and pedestrian and cycle routes to connect allotments, parks and open spaces so that the town incorporates well connected incidents and spaces. Encouraging a change in mode of transport will aid quality of life, and make the most of Didcot’s proximity to the River Thames and the North Downs countryside.