Hardington Moor, South Somerset

The site was a former plant nursery and bungalow in a rural Somerset village, overlooked from the surrounding hills.

After initial feedback that the original application was too dense and urban in style, Novell Tullett was brought in to help make the new housing sit more comfortably in its setting.

Our team carried out a design review of the local village, recording vernacular materials and character, building scale and orientation to the street. Using our suggestions, the plan was amended to loosen the arrangement of the houses, include an informal courtyard with the character and detailing of the local village, and provide sustainable urban drainage (a natural swale with grassy margins and wetland planting) through the amenity space to the east of the site.

The sensitive, highly visible land to the north of the site was included as gardens only to ensure that the open land flowed naturally into the landscape of the wider context.

Although the number of houses was reduced, the effect of the changes to the layout was to make the scheme more sympathetic to the village.