King’s Square, Gloucester

The redevelopment of King’s Square is part of an exciting revitalisation of the King’s Quarter area of Gloucester and is a significant project for the city.

A planning application was submitted in January 2019, for which NT was the lead designer of the square. It marks a signficant step forward for a project which has been stuck in the doldrums for more than a decade.

The reactivation of the square as a purpose-built performance and events space will be the catalyst for bringing life and activity back to this underused quarter of the city. Jet fountains inspired by the Severn Bore will celebrate Gloucester’s unique location, while a cinema screen, interactive digital play, and lighting effects will extend the use of the square into the evening.

The removal of cars from the square creates a pedestrian-friendly, flexible, environment which can host a huge range of events from music festivals playing to 4,000 people to intimate busking sessions on a mini-stage.