North Westgate, Peterborough

Water has the rare attribute of being both an amenity and possessing a spatial quality, which can be promoted by good design. In Peterborough, we intend to bring water into the heart of a new city quarter.

Taking our inspiration from the neighbouring fens and River Nene we have proposed a ‘Water Route’ to complement Peterborough’s existing ‘Stone’ and ‘Green’ routes designed by Gordon Cullen in the 1970s.

Based on the principals of Water Sensitive Urban Design, the response to water will be at the heart of a scheme to turn a series of well-located but unloved plots with an emphasis on leisure, entertainment, food, retail and residential. An exsting church will become the focus building of a new public square.

Water will be collected from the new buildings to be reused, recycled and controlled. It will also form part of the character of the quarter with rills and channels to be bridged. A sunken plaza will also double up as a water retention basin in the event of city flooding or a severe storm event.

In partnership with Chapman Taylor architects, Novell Tullett has developed concept proposals for an exciting scheme which connects the railway to the town centre and offers convivial places to gather from day until evening.